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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This section was designed to answer some of the most common questions asked about SCAA's rules, regulations, programs and more. If you still have questions, please reach out to one of our Board Members!


Q: When is registration?

A: Spring registration usually opens around December 1.  We hold at least two walk-in registrations in February.  Fall registration usually opens around July 1, and we hold at least two walk-in registrations around the end of July and/or beginning of August.  Walk-in registration locations will be announced on our website and Facebook.  However, on-line registration is always open during these times and is recommended.

Q: How much does is cost to register?

A: Registration prices can fluctuate depending on organizational income and expenses, and fluctuate depending on the division your child is in.  Check for prices upon registering.  Registration for coaches and volunteers is free.

Q: What do the registration fees cover?

A: Registration fees are only part of what the league collects to cover expenses, as they alone cannot cover everything.  They are added to income from concessions, raffles and tournaments to cover a multitude of things that include, but are not limited to insurance, utilities, complex security, lawn maintenance, waste management, umpires, player uniforms, team equipment, field maintenance equipment and supplies, concessions food/drinks and equipment, complex maintenance, etc.

Q: What do I do if I forgot my password or the email address I used to register on-line?

A: There is an option to reset your password on the login page.  If you still have trouble, you can email the Secretary, who is listed under the Board Members under the “Contact Us” tab on our website, or you can come in during one of the walk-in registration dates. 

Q: My child is excelling, so can he/she play up to the next age division?

A: Possibly.  If your child is in the older age group in his/her division, and they are in the Shetland Division or higher, you must fill out the Play-Up Request Form located on this link: PLAY-UP REQUEST FORMIf there is room for the player in the higher Division, a tryout will be scheduled before the draft.

Q: My child is trying out for high school ball and we won’t know if he/she has made the team until after SCAA’s registration closes.  If he/she does not make the team we want him/her to be able to play for SCAA.  Since registration will be closed, what can we do?

A: SCAA recognizes this dilemma with the older kids, and has a plan in place to compensate for it.  Since trying to add players after registration has closed and teams have been drafted can create problems for both the player wanting to register and the teams drafting, we ask that the player register ahead of time, and that the Player Agent of the division be informed of the situation.  If the player does not make the school team then they will already be covered with regards to playing for SCAA.  If they do make the team, simply contact our Treasurer to request a refund.


Q: How does the draft work?

A: If a player is new to SCAA or new to his/her age division, they will automatically be entered into the draft.  The exception is that the Manager and Coach Eligible (First Assistant Coach) of a team will have his/her child(ren) automatically assigned to that team unless otherwise requested.  Teams draft in a snake order and Managers select one player per round.  Siblings will be placed on a team together providing they are in the same division.  Once a player is drafted to a team in the spring, they will remain on that team until they advance to the next age division, at which point the draft process will begin again.  If a player is drafted into a new age division for the first time in the fall, they will return to the draft in the spring, at which point they will remain on that team until moving up in age division.

Q: What if I do not want my child to return to his/her previous team and want to return them to the draft?

A: Per our rules: “A player may be removed from the team of the previous season and may be returned to the selection pool if, upon receipt of a written request from a parent or guardian, his or her child may not be drawn by a particular manager. This request may be made with respect to only one manager.  All requests described above shall be in writing on a form provided by SCAA, Inc., shall give reasons for said request, shall be received by the Player Agent no later than the end of the last advertised registration, and shall be approved by the collective judgment of the Board of Directors.”  Let us add that you do not need an SCAA form; we accept any written form of request, to include email.

Q: What are the ages for each level of play?

A: Our age year for baseball runs from Sept 1 to Aug 31.  Our division ages are as follows: Foal is age 3-4, Shetland is age 5-6, Pinto is age 7-8, Mustang is age 9-10, Bronco is age 11-12, Pony is age 13-14, Colt/Palomino is age 15-19.  If your child turns the earliest age listed for a specific division before Sept 1, then they will play in that age division.  For example, your child is 6 years old but they turn 7 on or before Aug 31, then they will play in Pinto, and so on for the other divisions.

Our age year for softball runs from January 1 to December 31.  Our division ages are as follows: Pinto (coach pitch) is ages 6-8, Mustang (kid pitch) is ages 9-10, Bronco is ages 11-12, Pony is ages 13-14, Colt/Palomino is age 15-19.  If your child turns the earliest age listed for a specific division by December 31 the previous year, then they will play in that age division.  

Q: When does my child move up to the next age division?

A: Our league year begins in the fall season, and that is when players will move from one age division to the next, if they are eligible.  The cut-off date of birth is September 1, and each division has a two year term.  Please consult the Age Key on our website to find what division your child will be in based on their date of birth.  If you are entering into the spring season, consult the age key for the year you are in.  If you are entering into a fall season, consult the age key for the upcoming year (ex: entering spring of 2022, look at the 2022 age key & entering the fall of 2022, look at the 2023 age key). 

Q: My child was on a team in the spring, and did not move up into another age division, so why were they put back into the draft instead of remaining with their previous team?

A: If in a new season there are not enough players to form as many teams as the previous season, then some teams from the previous season have to be dissolved.  When this occurs, the respective Player Agent dissolves the teams that have the least amount of returning players and places them back in the draft pool.

Q: Can I place my child on a team with my neighbor’s or friend’s child, or with a specific coach, for transportation purposes or any other reason?

A: Not unless they play in Foal or Shetland Divisions(tee ball).  In Foal or Shetland, you can contact the respective Player Agent and make these requests and, while not guaranteed (due to the need to even out teams age-wise, etc.), the Player Agent will make every effort to place your child(ren) on the team that you request, and normally can.  In all other age divisions our rules forbid honoring this request and there are no exceptions, not even for sharing rides.  The intent of this rule is to make the draft process as fair as possible.

Q: My child barely misses the age cut-off date to move up; can he/she do so since they are so close to the date?

A: No.  Regardless of what our cut-off date is, some children are going to barely miss it, and these dates are not flexible.  There are no exceptions.

Q: Does SCAA have zone boundaries for eligible players, and if so, what are they?

A: Yes and No.  There are no zone boundary restrictions for players to play regular season ball for SCAA; you can live anywhere in the world and be eligible for that.  However, there are zone boundaries established by our governing PONY organization that players must reside within to be eligible for baseball All-Stars (this does NOT apply to softball).  A baseball player living anywhere in the city of Chesapeake, VA, as well as in the state of NC are eligible for All-Stars.  Players residing in Hampton Roads cities outside of Chesapeake are NOT eligible for All-Stars.


Q: Where do we practice/play games?

A: SCAA has 13 fields in our one big complex.  For baseball, all games will be played at this complex, unless we get into a situation where we have a lot of make-up games, at which point we may use some of the city’s public school fields that are located in close proximity to our complex.  We also have use of those city fields for practices, so teams may practice at them as well, but we fill all times slots on our complex fields before using city fields.  On occasion we also interlock with another PONY league (located in Chesapeake or Virginia Beach), and when we do our teams may occasionally visit them to play, though this is the exception.  For softball, those teams do interlock with other Hampton Roads leagues, so they may travel at times to those locations.

Q: Where is the SCAA complex located?

A: The SCAA complex located at 2849 Eason Road, Chesapeake, VA, which is about a mile from the intersection of Benefit Rd. and Battlefield Blvd. 

Q: Are there bleachers or other seating at any of the fields at SCAA?

A: SCAA does not have bleachers or seating at most fields in the complex.  Parents & spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs.

Q: When does the season start?

A: SCAA has both a spring and fall season.  The fall season games start no earlier than the day after Labor Day and run no later than the last Saturday in November.  Practices for the fall season normally start two to three weeks before the games do.  The spring season games start either the last week of March or the first week of April, and run no later than the first Saturday in June.  Practices for the fall season normally begin one month before the games start.

Q: How many practices/games will we play?

A: Our schedule agenda is at least 10 games and additional season-ending tournament games may apply.  In the Foal and Shetland divisions we schedule 8 games with additional practices to give more time for instruction since these are the beginning leagues.  If weather impacts too many games we may get in less than 10, but a minimum of 10 is the objective.  We try to assign teams two practices per week, and once games begin we normally schedule two games per week and schedule in a practice per week where possible.  Sometimes, due to having an odd number of teams, one team per week may have to have a bye.  Teams are allowed a maximum of three events per week, which shall include any combination of practices and games.  During the season we try to allow teams a practice date during the week, if fields are available (to include city fields). 

Q: What days and times will practices and/or games be held on?

A: We typically hold practices and games on Monday-Thursday, and on Saturday.  Fridays and Sundays are reserved for Select teams, but if we have excessive make-up games we may use these dates.  We also may use these dates if the schedule permits and the fields are not being used by Select teams.  Any Sunday games would not start until 1pm, if necessary.  Weekday games will either start at 5:30 or 6:00 (for the early game) and the late game will start 1.5 hours to 2.25 hours after the (early) game start time depending on the age division you are in.  Practices normally start at 5:30 or 6:00 and will run for 1 to 1.5 hours, though there can be exceptions depending on the number of teams in your age division.

Q: Are there games on holidays or spring break?

A: No.  Games are not scheduled for holiday weekends or spring break, to include the weekends that begin and end sprint break.  We do not have games on Memorial Day or Labor Day weekends (to include the holiday Monday themselves), nor on July 4 or Halloween.


Q: What is SCAA’s lightning policy?

A: SCAA uses a term well known in the sports field as “cloud-to-ground” lightning, which means exactly what it says.  For this type of lightning, it is mandatory to stop play and clear the field for 30 minutes.  It is recommended that players clear the dugouts as well, and everyone at the complex seek substantial shelter or go to their vehicles.  Each time another “cloud-to-ground” lightning bolt is observed, the 30 minute delay resets.  In many cases these games are postponed (unless having already reached the innings required to be considered a complete game) due to the amount of delay.  We ask members to realize that sometimes an umpire’s attention is not in the direction of the lightning and to inform umpires of such when this is the case.  Cloud-to-cloud lightning (“heat lightning”) does not necessarily constitute game stoppage; that is left to the umpire’s discretion.

Q: How will we know if practices or games are canceled due to weather or field conditions?

A: When weather or wet field conditions are an issue, SCAA will notify members within 90 minutes of game time when at all possible.  This will be done by a posting on our website home page, as well as by email.  We ask that you pay attention to the specifics of these communications because there are times when some fields or divisions are canceled and others not, or early games may be canceled and later ones not.  We will also try to post this on our Facebook page.  We also ask that you realize that there have been numerous times when it has poured in areas near our fields without a drop falling at our complex, so please make no assumptions and plan to show up until you are notified otherwise.  Lastly, please know that SCAA normally does not cancel games due to a forecast or threat of bad weather until it actually occurs.  We try to get games in if at all safely possible.  SCAA does not normally cancel practices unless the fields are in bad shape; otherwise this is the coach’s call.


Q: How are All-Stars selected?

A: SCAA will hold showcases (try-outs) for each division in which players will be given a chance to display their skills.  All eligible players may apply to attend (they do not have to be nominated) yet are required to inform their team manager of their desire to attend.  Coaches will attend the showcase and be asked to grade each player.  However, coaches are also asked to observe players throughout the season in order to help with their judgment of them.  After the showcase has been achieved the coaches will attend a draft to select the All-Star team(s).  One or more teams may be selected depending on the number of players available with the collective level of skill required to adequately compete, at the discretion of the voting panel of coaches and governing board members. 

Q: When are All-Star try-outs held?

A: Try-outs are held in early May, and the week may vary depending on schedules.  Usually they will be held on a Friday or Saturday evening and/or Sunday afternoon.

Q: Are all SCAA players eligible for All-Stars?

A: No.  SCAA has boundaries, that are established by our governing PONY organization, that players must reside within to be eligible for All-Stars.  SCAA does NOT control these boundaries.  To see these boundaries, go to the “Documents” tab of our website and click on the “Boundary Map” link.  If you are unclear as to whether you reside within our boundaries, please email our Rules Chairman, who is listed under the Board Members under the “Contact Us” tab on our website.

Q: What kind of monetary requirements are there for All-Stars?

A: SCAA charges All-Star teams or players up to a $50 fee to help cover the cost of uniforms and the registration fee that we have to pay PONY for our All-Star teams, as well as for baseballs, umpires and other expenses associated with the tournaments we host.  SCAA will pay for our All-Stars to play in the PONY-sanctioned tournaments.  However, most All-Star teams choose to play in at least two warm-up tournaments, which will normally cost a team anywhere between $250 and $400, and the teams are responsible for those fees.  Some of those tournaments charge a parking pass fee.  SCAA players playing in a tournament at SCAA do not have to pay this fee, but we do charge outsiders.  Additionally, many All-Star teams choose to design and purchase team t-shirts that players and families can wear, etc., so that is a possible fee, but not a mandatory one.  Lastly, SCAA pays for All-Star team jerseys and hats, but as in regular season play, players will be responsible for buying their own pants, socks and belts, as applicable.

Q: What are the time commitments for All-Stars?

A: All-Stars can usually expect to practice/play up to 5 times per week.  SCAA allows for 5 events per week for All-Star teams, as coaches need time to set positions and practice with their new team.  The All-Star season begins June 1 and can run into August, depending on the success of the team, but unless advancing far into the PONY tournaments, many teams are done playing by mid-July.

Q: What is expected of parents on All-Star teams?

A: Parents may be required to help work concessions and field prep for PONY tournaments held at the SCAA complex.  When these tournaments are held, these commitments are mandatory, and are referenced in a Commitment Letter that each player’s parent/guardian must sign. SCAA's rules of conduct apply to all SCAA representatives, whether playing at SCAA or not.

Q: What if we decide to drop out of All-Stars?

A: We ask that all players and their families make a firm decision before committing to carry out the All-Star season.  Once All-Stars teams have been formed and started, a player that does not honor their commitment may be suspended from All-Star eligibility for two years.  However, SCAA does consider the nature of the withdrawal before automatically assessing this penalty.

Q: What should we expect from playing All-Stars?

A: We highly recommend that you go to the “Documents” tab of our website and click on the “Baseball & Softball Rules” link.  Once there, go to “Tournament Teams” (Section 22) and study it.  This will get you familiar with the SCAA rules, and will save a lot of questions during the All-Star season.  Now, parents are asked to realize that All-Stars is a higher level of competition than the regular season, and play time is not guaranteed.  There are play time rules for warm-up tournaments, but once playing in a PONY tournament, there are restrictions on player rotations.  You are forced to have “starters” and “substitute” players during these tournaments, and the PONY rules are very specific as to how this must be handled.  There are no free or at-will substitutions in the line-up in PONY tournaments.  We ask that, once on a team, please become familiar with the PONY rules for Tournament Team play.  Additionally, All-Stars is a wonderful opportunity to get more experience and more extensive coaching, and players normally benefit greatly from what they learn during this time.  


Q: What is the Sunday Select Program?

A: Sunday Select is an optional program provided by SCAA (for baseball and softball) for those players wanting to compete at a higher level of play or obtain additional instruction which is often times at a higher level, as well.

Q: When do Sunday Select Teams practice and play?

A: SCAA leaves Fridays and Sundays open for Sunday Select teams.  Occasionally we may have to have make-up games for rec. teams on Fridays, but this is not the norm.  Additionally, SCAA has an agreement with Nations Baseball and periodically rents our fields out to them on Sundays, but will make fields available to our Sunday Select teams as needed if they are not participating in the Nations tournaments.  Select teams are also automatically allowed to participate as an SCAA All-Star team, though to do so players will have to be within the PONY-established boundaries.

Q: How do I find out if SCAA has a Sunday Select team in my child’s age group?

A: Look on our website.  If you do not find a team listed, contact our Sunday Select Coordinator.

Q: How do I start a Sunday Select team?

A: Contact our Sunday Select Coordinator and put in a request.  The Board of Directors will discuss the request and vote on approval.  Coaches are required to apply and have an approved background check.  Applications and Sunday Select rules can be found on our website in the Documents section.

Q: What are the requirements of Sunday Select players and parents?

A: SCAA charges teams a discounted registration fee of half of our normal registration rates.  This helps cover the cost of field supplies, electricity, etc.  Also, Sunday Select teams may be asked to occasionally (no more than 2 shifts per season) assist with concessions during Sundays when they are not playing.  Players are required to participate in SCAA’s spring season for rec. teams to be eligible to participate on a Sunday Select team.  However, fall participation in rec. ball is not required.  Players on Sunday Select teams may not participate in more than 5 events per week.

Q: What is the difference in Sunday Select teams and travel teams?

A: Many Sunday Select teams compete in the same manner and at the same level as travel teams.  SCAA does not dictate who or where Sunday Select teams play, so they can play anyone anywhere, to include any travel team.  However, Sunday Select teams are limited to playing when their players are not playing rec. ball, yet SCAA sets aside Fridays and Sundays for Sunday Select teams, unless make-up games are needed on Fridays.

Q: What are the benefits of playing Sunday Select instead of travel?

A: Sunday Select teams have a lot less costs to play, and do not have to rent fields or batting cages to practice/play like travel teams do, as they can use the fields at SCAA, saving the teams a lot of money compared to travel teams.  Also, SCAA has an agreement with Nations Baseball in which Sunday Select teams can play in their tournaments at a reduced rate, and sometimes for free if they help prepare the SCAA fields for play for Nations.

Q: What is the Travel Program?

A: Travel is an optional program provided by SCAA (for baseball and softball), similar to Sunday Select, but the difference is that Travel team players do not have to participate in SCAA’s recreational league at all, though they are allowed to if they so choose.  

Q: Who is eligible for the Travel Program?

In baseball, the Travel program is open to those players at least in the 9U age group.  In Softball it is open to all age groups.  In baseball, the manager of the team applying for the Travel program had to have coached at SCAA the previous year.

Q: When do Travel Teams practice and play?

A: SCAA leaves Fridays and Sundays open for Sunday Select and Travel teams.  Occasionally we may have to have make-up games for rec. teams on Fridays, but this is not the norm.  Travel teams are allowed to make schedule their own games at SCAA (through the Select/Travel Coordinator) or elsewhere.

Q: How do I find out if SCAA has a Travel team in my child’s age group?

A: Look on our website.  If you do not find a team listed, contact our Select/Travel Coordinator.

Q: How do I start a Travel team?

A: Contact our Select/Travel Coordinator and put in a request.  The Board of Directors will discuss the request and vote on approval.  Coaches are required to apply and have an approved background check.  Applications and Select/Travel rules can be found on our website in the Documents section.

Q: What are the requirements of Travel players and parents?

A: SCAA charges teams a travel team fee.  This helps cover the cost of field supplies, electricity, etc.  Also, Travel teams may be asked to occasionally assist with concessions during Sundays when they are not playing.  Players are not required to participate in SCAA’s rec. program.  Additionally, travel teams must carry their own insurance and provide proof of such.


Q: What equipment does my child need?

A: It varies by age division and position, but all will need at least a glove, bat, batting helmet, and for softball, a facemask.  In  Foal and Shetland (tee ball) SCAA provides batting tees and heart guards for the players.  In Pinto baseball we provide catcher’s gear, and a face mask and heart guard for the pitcher.  In Mustang and Bronco baseball we provide catcher’s gear.  In Pony baseball we provide catcher’s gear if needed, but by then most catchers have their own equipment.  SCAA does not provide helmets, facemasks, bats or gloves (except for catcher’s mitts where catcher’s gear is provided).  SCAA provides all softball teams with catcher’s gear.  SCAA provides all baseball and softball teams with one dozen practice balls and one dozen game balls, as well as scorebooks..

Q: Does SCAA provide uniforms?

A: SCAA provides jerseys and hats to all baseball players, and hats to three coaches per team (4 for Pinto).  Parents will be required to provide a belt, socks and pants for their child(ren), as well as cleats.  Cleats are not required, but recommend in age-appropriate play.  Check the rules before purchasing steel cleats.  In softball, SCAA provides jerseys and socks.  In the spring SCAA partners with its uniform provider and provides a Team Shop on our website in which teams or individuals may go on-line and order the uniform accessory items at a cost-efficient price and have them delivered to them by SCAA right at our complex, adding a great convenience to all.

Q: Are uniforms custom ordered for each player?

A: No for baseball and yes for softball.  When you register you are asked to enter your child’s shirt size.  Softball has a lot less teams, and already has to order custom uniforms for their teams, so they do order for each player, though this is why teams often get their uniforms right before the season starts.  Baseball cannot do that as we would never get the uniforms in time with having to order and organize so many.  Instead, for baseball SCAA uses the registration information each year to develop a matrix of the average sizes used in each division and orders based on that.  

Q: What if my child’s uniform doesn’t fit?

A: We inform Managers to size the biggest kids first and work down from there with what we provided them.  Most of the time this will work out, but not always.  For times when it doesn’t, we carry extra stock.  If need be, inform your coach to contact our Uniform Manager to see if a shirt can be swapped out.

Q: What equipment is required and what is illegal?

These questions can be answered by reviewing our Baseball & Softball Rules under the “Documents” tab on our website.  There is also a tab for “Illegal Bats”.  In our Rules you will find answers to questions about bats, cleats, cups, face masks, etc.  If you are unclear on a specific rule, please email our Rules Chairman, who is listed under the Board Members under the “Contact Us” tab on our website.  As some rules are constantly evolving, we do not want to list them here.


Q: Why are parents required to do concessions?

A: Our league is a non-profit organization run strictly by volunteers.  This includes all of our board members, coaches and parents.  With our concession stands open at least 5 days per week and needing several people to run them, we have to incorporate parents into this plan.  When registering your child(ren) to play at SCAA, you agree to this as part of our mandatory rules and responsibilities.  Concessions is one of the top two forms of funding for our league (along with registration fees) and without it running to full capacity all season, we would potentially have to raise registrations fees (which we try desperately to avoid) in order to offset expenses.  Everyone loves having our concessions available while watching games, and we have worked hard to make it an enjoyable experience, but it takes a complete group effort to run it.  TEAMS NOT DOING CONCESSION OBLIGATION WILL FORFEIT A GAME.

Q: Are we allowed free drinks and food while working concessions?

A: No.  It is simply too costly to the league to give food and drinks away.  Everything must be paid for.  

Q: Can our team split up into two different shifts to work concessions?

A: Not unless you are assigned to the Small Stand or the Shetland Stand.  If your team is assigned to the main stand you will need at least 8 people to run it efficiently, therefore we have had to restrict teams from splitting shifts.

Q: What happens if I cannot show up for my concession duty?

A: For starters, the league asks all coaches to display concession duty on the team schedule just as they would a game or practice.  A complete concession schedule is also posted on our website.  So, teams should have plenty of notice.  We know that emergencies come up, but that should be the exception; not the norm.  Most families have two parents/guardians, and we simply ask that one adult from each family be present.  All of our teams normally have no less than 11 players, so concessions should still be covered if someone has an emergency.  If a team does not show or does not have enough participation to efficiently cover their concession duty, the coach or team risks being penalized, as it has an adverse affect on the league, and its members and guests.


Q: How and Why does SCAA do Fundraisers?

A: Without fundraising SCAA does not make nearly enough money through other forms of income (such as registration, concessions, etc.) to pay for all expenses.  We utilize multiple means of fundraising, to include soliciting sponsorships and running an annual spring raffle, to raise enough money to run the league without having to drastically raise registration fees.  Once per year (leading into the spring season) we ask our members for help with a raffle.  In doing so, we solicit prizes from sponsors and local vendors for raffle winners, as well as for appreciation prizes to those teams and players that sell the most.  Without the income of this raffle alone SCAA would not be able to afford some of the required maintenance and desired improvements that we accomplish to help make SCAA a satisfactory experience for our members.

Q: What do I do if I want to sponsor SCAA or know someone that will?

A: You will find a sponsorship package link on our website here.  There you will find information on our sponsorship packages and subsequent sponsorship levels.  We also have implemented a reward system for members who go out and secure sponsorships on their own.  If you have questions, after reviewing our sponsorship packages and data, please contact our Fundraising Coordinator.

Q: Where does all of the money SCAA earns go?

A: Based on the current economy and financial needs, SCAA’s expenses have reached over $300,000.00/year, which includes, but is not limited to many large expenses such as insurance, umpires, uniforms, field maintenance equipment and supplies, concessions items, utilities and services such as lawn and waste management, etc.  We also incur the cost of complex and equipment maintenance and repairs when things break down.  SCAA’s registration costs alone do not come close to covering our costs, which is why we work hard to fundraise and secure sponsorships to avoid raising registration any more than absolutely necessary.  If you have specific questions regarding our finances please feel free to contact our Treasurer.


Q: Do Board Members or Coaches get paid?

A: No.  SCAA is a non-profit organization run and coached strictly by unpaid volunteers.  It is a common misconception that Board Members get paid, but no one, not even Executive Board Members, get paid at all.  We do it because we want to make a difference, and because the league couldn’t function without all of our volunteers.

Q: How can I volunteer as a Board Member or Coach?

A: SCAA is almost always looking for coaching volunteers.  If you would like to coach simply register to do so during our open registration (registration has an option for both players and coaches).  If you would like to volunteer to be on our board, simply contact our President about any open positions.  You can find a list of positions, to include open ones or those being filled on an interim basis, on our website under the “Contact Us” tab.  We will be glad to fill you in on what each position entails.  Also, we hold elections for our Executive Board every other May, and the term for those positions is two years.  You must hold a non-Executive Board member position before you are able to run for the Executive Board.  Lastly, we have implemented a new Team Parent position as a part of each team, in order to act as a liaison between the coach/team and the Board of Directors.  This was also done to help improve communication between the league and its teams and members, so that information can be more effectively shared between all parties.

Q: If I have questions or concerns regarding my child(ren), his/her team, the rules, or the league in general, who do I contact?

A: The first contact for any of your questions or concerns (if it’s something beyond your team Manager’s control) should be directed to your division’s Player Agent or Field Director.  The Player Agent’s primary responsibility deals with player assignments, drafts, etc.  The Field Director oversees the schedules, field maintenance, conduct issues, etc., though the Player Agent and Field Director work hand-in-hand.  If they cannot help you, they will direct you to another league official that can.

Q: If I coach or am a Board Member, can I claim it as volunteer time?

A: Yes.  Some organizations, to include the military, have programs that assign credit to those that volunteer for non-profit organizations.  Additionally, you may be able to write off your mileage within the applicable tax allowances.

Q: I want to coach, but have no experience coaching; does this matter?

A: No.  While experience is very valuable, it is not required and many of our coaches gain their first experiences by volunteering with SCAA.  It is best if you at least have a knowledge of the game, or have played it, but some of our coaches have done so without such, and have become excellent coaches.  The key is to have a passion and willingness to learn, and there are several coaches and board members within our organization that are willing to pass on their knowledge.  Additionally, SCAA often teams up with instructors that offer clinics at our facilities.



Q: Do you have a Lost and Found section?

A: Yes.  Our Lost and Found is in our Concession Stand.  There is a bin located next to our first Coke machine (the one closest to the Concession Stand exterior door.  Please ask someone that is working the stand to assist you in checking the Lost and Found.

Q: What is your policy on pets at the complex?

A: Pets are not allowed at our complex, with the exception of service dogs

Q: What is your policy on smoking/vaping at the complex?

A: Smoking/vaping is allowed ONLY in the parking areas.  Smokers are asked to completely extinguish their cigarettes/cigars and properly dispose of them.

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