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Safety Incident/Injury Tracking

SCAA requires that we have written documentation of any injuries or accidents sustained either at the SCAA Complex (by players, coaches, spectators, vendors, etc.) or while a registered SCAA player or coach is representing the organization as a rostered team member of an SCAA team at and SCAA sanctioned event.  This is required for insurance purposes and will keep the Board of Directors informed of any injuries/incidents.  It will also aid SCAA in the further development of safety measures to protect the membership and property.

When do you need to fill out a report:
  • If a player, coach, or umpire is injured and there is bleeding.
  • If a player, coach, or umpire gets injured and is unable to play/continue for the remainder of the game/practice/event.
  • If a player, coach, or umpire seeks medical care due to an injury sustained at an SCAA sanctioned event.
  • If any spectator or visitor is injured.
  • If emergency personnel (EMS, ambulance, fire, or police) are called to respond.
  • If there is an accident in the parking lots or with a vehicle.
Who fills out the report:
  • The Coach or Board of Directors Member associated with the person injured.
    • If the Coach or Board of Directors Member did not witness the incident/injury they should seek out someone who did witness it and get the details for the report.

The Incident/Injury Report Form is to be filled out as soon as possible (with 24 hours) after the incident/injury has occurred.    Click here to go to the form.

Any questions should be directed to the Safety Manager on the Board of Directors page.

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